Yesterday I went to a basket-making class and made two little baskets.  Here they are, sitting on the coffee table on one of my hand-made doilies.  Aren’t they cute?

Of course, Topper had to check them out.  

DSCF4822 DSCF4823 DSCF4824 DSCF4825


And here are pictures of how the coffee table usually looks.    Enjoy your Bud and Topper fix.

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5 Responses to Baskets

  1. jamamakitty says:

    you did a great job! i took a basket case class years ago!! oh and i have to move lots of stuff when i take pix!

  2. Teasel says:

    Excellent basket work! Maybe you can use your new-found skills to make kitteh-size baskets. Kittehs in baskets would be wonderful coffee table decorations.

  3. ABikerToo says:

    Yew habs ae BERREE GUD aiee tew bee maeykkn seucch GUD lukkn bayuskyttz, yew awr ayun awrteesahn ub teh feurrst raiyut!!
    Ob koars the Keowz weunt tew sea whut dere mawmee dyd kuzz dey izz praoud ub yew teww!!
    {{{{{cweenmj ub teh tawp teeyr ub bayuskkyt maeykkrz}}}}}

  4. catena says:

    Love the baskets! Nice job!

  5. ABikerToo says:

    Topper looks almost exactly like my “Moonzie” from the late 90’s, I’d sit down & look at him, he’d chirp at me & wiggle with enthusiasm, quite the Keow, came to me across the front lawn, kneading bread every 3 or 4 steps & chirping away, I did not turn him away, he got along very well with my other 3 Keows, Ti-gore, Motorface, & the male version of Feistybutt!!

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