I have been fighting a sinus infection for about a month now.  And so far it is winning.  I have made 5 trips to doctors and taken two courses of antibiotics, a course of steroids, nasal sprays, sudafed and other over the counter meds.  All to no avail.  My right sinus cavity in the forehead remains inflamed and  firmly closed.  The pain is unrelenting, and very sharp, much like an ice cream headache.

To the joy of all of you who have said I should have my head examined, I have had my head x-rayed and scanned.  The doctors have run their lighted scopes up my nose to observe the inflammation first-hand.  As soon as it is approved by my insurance and scheduled with the ENT, I am going to have a balloon sinuplasty.  The link is an animation, not an actual procedure.

Until then, I have quit thinking.  Sorry, but no updates on my Photoblog.



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13 Responses to Blaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!

  1. Mai cween!

    AI hopez dat deh bah-loon duz halp and duz nawt pawp inside yur noze.

    Dat wud bee terrorbull!

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  3. ABikerToo says:

    Mae yew faiyunullee gyt R-E-E-L-E-E-F form dys, mennee BEEEEEEEEEEMZ tew yew!!
    {{{{{cweenmjs paeyun GOEYZ aewae}}}}}

    • ABikerToo says:

      BEEEMZ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>+++++++++++++
      dey izz addun beemz sew dey wyl gyt satawronggr wyff taiyum!!

      • U beatz mii to teh BEEMZ, ABikerToo!

        MOAR beemz tew yu!

        *fires up teh beemz cannon*


  4. catena says:

    Oh, man, that sucks. Beams for a successful procedure and pain-free breathing!!!

  5. SuburbanPrairie says:

    Oh, my dear friend, how horrible! I’ll be in your pocket for the bloon thingy, k? {{{{{MJ}}}}}

  6. Catsablanca says:

    O, Mai Leege, Ai feelz ur payne. Ai had horrendus sinus payne duu tuu teef problums. Ai hopehopehope all goez well fur u!!!

  7. poussinboi says:

    Dare I say it, my sinuses run like crazy whenever I cycle. Or at least for 10 months of the year! Whether this suggestion is likely to clear your blocked sinus, I have no idea, sorry. Get well soon, MJ {{{{ CweenMJ }}}}

  8. oh noes. stoopee pleh infecshun 😛 . sending beeeeeems for teh surjery an for quik recovery! ===========>>>>>>>>>>>>{{{{{{{{{{{{{cween}}}}}}}}}}}}

  9. gunnersmama says:

    I, too, have horrendous sinus infection history. To the point of ending up in emergency wards in foreign countries. The best I could describe it to those who haven’t suffered from it, is a massive, throbbing toothache in your face and eyes. I feel for you SO much! I am sending speed-it-up beams to the insurance providers. GET MOOBIN!! DIS AM AR CWEEN YA NO!!!!!!! *stinky-sinus-eye-in dere-jenrul-dyereckshun————————->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>*

  10. ABikerToo says:

    Just thought of it, when I need my nose opened I eat HOT stuff, I have Sriracha sauce, very good, tasty & HOT, or Horseradish, or Sambal, (crushed red peppers & garlic from Thailand) I put Daves Insanity Sauce in my BBQ sauce, not too much, it’ll burn the hair off your arm.
    The question of the day is CAN you eat hot sauces?, I put mine in Hummus, BBQ sauce, in Tartar Sauce, in pasta, I eat LOTS of hot sauce because I like it, plus when you’re comfortable with it you get a buzz from it if you eat enough, like chocolate, it makes you feel good.
    If you’ve never eaten anything hot then go with what your doctor can do, it takes a while to build up a tolerance to hot stuff, I don’t to want to burn up , by the way if you try it & it’s TOO HOT, DRINK MILK, eat ice cream or even eat cheese (calms down the burn quickly, water fans the flames)

    {{{{{cweenmj gyts reeleef (maebee) bai eetun hawt steuffeez}}}}}

  11. ABikerToo says:

    Third paragraph, second line, should be, “I don’t want YOU to burn up”.

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