I Feel Rich

I just read that real estate in parts of Manhattan has reached a rate of $5,000 a square foot.    That means that our modest bungalow here would have a value of $9,000,000 if it were magically transported to Manhattan!!!    What makes it even better is that I really wouldn’t want to live in New York City anyway, and am more than content with our home in the swamps of Florida.  And, I can actually afford this house.  



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3 Responses to I Feel Rich

  1. Apparently, there’s no place like home… so I’m told. 😉

  2. Catsablanca says:

    Even if I could afford a place in NY, I wouldn’t move. Florida has always been my home, and I have no desire to leave. And we like having teh Cween in our area! (Adn SP akross teh state, ob corse.)

  3. ABikerToo says:

    Ai izz hayuppee iyun Missouri, ebbrreewun habs thaer keumfeurt zoen, dats hugealee wair dey izz libbn ayut teh taiyum, ai jeusst hayuppnd tew waiyund eupp iyun Rhode Island, Colorado adn California beefoar lybbun bayuk inna St. Louis aeyreeuh, izz awl gud, wee izz aedaeypptubbl foar oar lybbn sittcheuwaesheunnz, aifinkso!!
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