While we were in Colorado I bought a little bag of “gold pay dirt” to pan out.  Today I panned it.

Here we go:  Dishpan of water, bag of dirt, eyedropper and (blue) gold pan.


Dump the dirt in the gold pan:


Start panning:  (those shiny specks you see here are just drops of water, not gold)


Pan some more, slowly washing all the sand and gravel out of the pan:


Look!!   Gold!!!!!



Suck the gold up in the eyedropper and put it in the vial.  Ten little flakes!


Maybe $5 worth of gold from an $11 dollar bag.


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8 Responses to Gold

  1. Dere bee gold in dem dar hillz…


    yuu no what I mean…

  2. Catsablanca says:

    Bag of pay dirt: $11
    Return on investment: $5
    Experience: Priceless…..along with some cool abstract-looking pikshurs

  3. Oh, mai Cween – I haven’t visited your site for a long time … too much RL happening … but! I am so glad to hear that you were not caught in the rain and floods in Colorado, and can pan for gold in your own back yard. Thanks for the Bud and Topper fix, too. O&P

  4. abikertoo says:

    They’re now going back through all the old mine tailings to see what is still there since the price of gold is now so high, with more advanced recovery methods.

    Now they can glean all the real tiny stuff that was lost or wasn’t even considered because the miners were looking for the “Mother Lode”, but they still liked it when it would assay out at $40 a ton, they were RICH!!

    {{{{{alla deh peeps pannun foar dayut goald, habbn ae gud taiyum}}}}}

  5. What price do you put on the fun!

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