Comfort Cats

Cats are comforting.  Now I’m not going to quote a bunch of studies about how cat owners live longer or anything like that.   No, today I’m going to talk about the practical aspect of cat ownership.

Let’s say it is the middle of the night.  You’re sleeping soundly, dreaming of how you’ll spend your lottery winnings, when you are awakened by a strange noise in your house.   You wonder: “Did burglars break in?”  “Do they have guns?”  “Can I get to my cell phone to call 911 before they find me?”  “Where is my cell phone?”  “How many are there?”  “Are they coming upstairs?”  “Why didn’t I take karate lessons when I had the chance?” Your adrenaline is pumping and your heart is racing.

But, if you are a cat owner, you just think, “Damn cats!” roll over and go back to sleep.  It’s very comforting to have cats in the house.

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9 Responses to Comfort Cats

  1. onleekitteh says:

    Yesterday evening I was sitting on the couch reading with Kidd tucked between my legs and the back of the couch and sleeping soundly. Suddenly, for no reason, no noise, nothing – Kidd wakes up, sits straight up, peaks over the end of the couch looking down the hall, then turns to the patio door (shades weren’t drawn and it was dark), then back at the hall, then back at the patio door. He did this several times with me saying softly “it’s okay, nobody’s there, no noise, just you and me.” But he continued to do this for about 8 minutes, enough to unnerve me somewhat. Then I said “Kidd, you just saw Bob that’s all”. That seemed to satisfy him; he lay back down and went back to sleep. Bob was hubby and had passed 6 1/2 years ago.

  2. poussinboi says:

    Topper looks like a trouble-maker, LOL 😉
    ** Givs Topper a pat thru teh ‘nets **

  3. abikertoo says:

    My Moonzie looked a lot like Topper, his full name was “Moonshadow by Cat Stevens” but was called Moonzie for short, he came to me across the front lawn, just walked in the yard & everytime I said Hi to him he’d stop & knead the grass then continue to me, he stopped 10 times to do that because I kept talking to him, I took him in & was never sorry about it.
    He was the ONLY KEOW who also came to me to tell me goodby when he left to go over the bridge, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth & he came in & meowed LOUDLY twice & then laid on his side & left for the bridge, he wasn’t sick, no symptoms to see or even worry about, that’s why that day was a bad surprise.
    I had a toilet that faced the tub & when I was on it he’d jump up on my tub seat, lay there , look at me & purr & then chirp & wiggle around until he was upside down looking at me which brought lots of under chin scritches & laughing, he was devoted to me & spoiled, I also had Miss Feistybutt too, she was spoiled too, back then when I slept there was a Keow on each side of me to be petted as I fell asleep!!

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