The Great Elephant Migration

The garden plot by the back door has been a problem area since we moved in.  It had two camellia bushes, a jalapeno pepper plant,  a century plant (agave) and its babies, and a herd of elephant ears.  The elephant ears spread by their roots and were taking over the entire area.   I couldn’t see one of the camellias, and the other one was losing ground fast.  Richard wasn’t even aware that there were century plants in there, they were so overgrown by the elephant ears.

So, all summer I have been thinking about what to do — should I leave the elephant ears and move everything else out?  or leave everything else and move the elephant ears?  I was concerned that digging up the camellias would kill them off, so I decided that the elephants had to go.

This week’s project was moving the elephant ears.  We spent three days prepping the new bed, removing the grass, digging out tree roots, installing edging, tilling the dirt, etc.  With the high temp and humidity, we only worked about two hours each day in the morning.  One day digging up the elephants and putting them in their new home.  And today we finished it off by mulching both beds.

And here is the finished product:

A nice, neat bed by the back door with the camellia bushes, pepper, and century plants.


And the elephant ears in their new home by the neighbors fence.



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2 Responses to The Great Elephant Migration

  1. catena says:

    Nice! We just had a bunch of stuff pulled out of the front. Now all that’s there is the Japanese maple. Have to put new things in now.

  2. gunnersmama says:

    Holy carp! What a lot of work. Of course, it would have been a lot more difficult without the expertise and overseeing of Mr. B and Mr. T. They must be totally exhausted from all of the observing and straw-bossing. Good job!!

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