The Saga of the Titan

Remember when I got my trike?  Richard wanted to get one, too.  But he’s a big fellow, and the Spike that I got is only rated for riders up to 275 pounds.  So he ordered a Titan that is rated at 400 pounds.  Our dealer, Craig, called the mfg, Tom,  and asked what he had in stock.  Tom said he was completely out, and the next shipment of Titans from Taiwan wasn’t due to arrive in the US until mid-January.  Oh, but wait!  Tom did have one that he was going to take to a bike show in California the first weekend of November.  He could sell it to Richard and ship it to Craig from the show.

So while I have been riding around the neighborhood on my little Spike, Richard has been dreaming of how much fun he will have when he can join me.   On November 4, the Monday after the bike show Craig called us with some bad news.  It seems Tom forgot that the Titan was already sold and he sold it to someone else at the bike show!!  Craig was as upset as Richard was.  He told Tom that “the customer was right here with me when you said you would ship that Titan here from the show!”  Tom said he would see what he could do.  The next day he said that he would pay to have a Titan air-freighted from Taiwan direct to Craig ASAP.  The Titan was shipped the following Monday, November 11, and arrived here yesterday, the 18th.

But wait, there’s more!  The factory didn’t have any Titans that were complete.  It seems this one arrived minus a gear assembly.  The gear assembly was shipped separately from North Carolina and Craig had to put it together.

Today, at long last, Richard got his trike!!

Here he is, ready to roll!  (He says he is smiling.)


And here he comes!  (I think I actually can see a smile!)





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3 Responses to The Saga of the Titan

  1. ABikerToo says:

    Dere yew goe, iyuff ai ebbur roayud ae mowteursaiykkul aegaeyun iyut wud bee ae tahree weeyleur tew, yew jeuss kayunnt goa aeraound kawrneurz tew fayust, dayuttz awl!!
    {{{{{habbn ae BYG falyg onna byk izza gud aideeyuh}}}}}

  2. SuburbanPrairie says:


    Oh, um, that second one is more of a “why is she taking pictures again?”

  3. poussinboi says:

    Looks like fun. Enjoy 😀

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