Bud and Topper

For those of you needing a Bud and Topper fix.  Here is Bud enjoying the great outdoors, and Topper inspecting the dishwasher to verify it is safe to load.

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6 Responses to Bud and Topper

  1. poussinboi says:

    Topper’s domain am in doors (dishwasher’s) … in duh main ?? 😉

  2. abikertoo says:

    Dey izz berree leukkee Keowz tew habs ae mawm laiyuk cweenmj!!
    {{{{{Bud, Topper, cweenmj, hubcat}}}}}}

  3. tisheriona says:

    Too bad you can’t train him to load it when he’s done inspecting!

  4. onleekitteh says:

    Bud: The great outdoor explorer and hunter.
    Topper: Inspector in general.

  5. Your picture of the cat exploring the dishwasher made me howl. I loved it and could easily imagine mine doing the same

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