DIY Project

A very simple Christmas project.

Materials: Tomato cage, green spray paint, string, prelit garland, tree topper.

  1. Paint the tomato cage green to disguise it and stand it on its head.
  2. Loosely tie the three prongs together.
  3. Wrap the garland around the cage.
  4. Add tree topper and admire.  

(click on pictures to admire bigger.)


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3 Responses to DIY Project

  1. onleekitteh says:

    Whutta grate idea! And outside so da Bud adn Topper nawt play wif lites adn dekorashuns. Bery cleaver my cween.

  2. Kestrela says:

    Iz sno wing awn ur paje!!!! Maeks meh feel awl festive-liek. 😀 Berreh fun idea fur teh tree! Fanks fur sharign.

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