Driving Me Crazy

Ever since we moved to Florida, Richard and I have noticed one thing — the drivers here are terrible!!  Seriously.  They pull out in front of you if they spot a 3″ gap.  They change lanes randomly.  They sit at lights talking or texting and don’t notice when the light changes to green.  They make right hand turns from the left lane and vice versa.   They sit at a light in the left turn lane, and then go straight.   They think that using your blinker is for people from out-of-state — no native Floridian ever uses a turn signal.

Then I heard this on the news:  The insurance industry did a study of drivers nationwide.   Florida drivers are the 6th worst in the country.  So it isn’t my imagination.  It’s true!! Forty-four states in the country have better drivers!! Not surprisingly, Florida rates as the second worse for texting and driving and it isn’t against the law here.

The worst state is Louisiana.  One can only imagine the chaos on their streets.



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6 Responses to Driving Me Crazy

  1. Teasel says:

    I’ve only been to Florida once, when my sister and BIL had a vacation condo in Indian Rocks Beach. Worse drivers I’ve ever seen! My sister and BIL called them the driving dead.

    • cweenmj says:

      It’s terrible. And it’s not just the geriatric set. It’s the businessmen and the soccer moms and the commuters and the shoppers. 🙄

  2. poussinboi says:

    The fine is over 400 dollars for mobile phone use while driving (includes stationary vehicles) here in my state. Plus 4 points against your licence. Still doesn’t stop them 😕

  3. ABikerToo says:

    And I thought Rhode Island drivers were bad when I was in the Navy, no blinker & make a left almost right in front of you giving you just a second to hit the brakes so you didn’t run into them as they crossed your lane, was glad to get back to St. Louis where we drove lots more carefully!!

  4. Catsablanca says:

    We native Floridians have been complaining about the Yankee drivers for years. Most people here are from some other state, and they forget how to drive when they arrive. Michigan drivers seem to be the worst, with New Jersey running a close second.

    One of my favorite jokes: “Happiness is seeing a Canadian heading North with a New Yorker under each arm.”

    *Ducks and runs*

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