Cats WITHOUT captions!! The internet may explode, but here they are, Bud and Topper.   Click on the pix to see them larger.

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7 Responses to Sacrilege!

  1. icanhasanimlols says:

    Awww, Bud the aventurous and Topper the cutie pie! Pweez tu nawt wurry, de kap shuns wull komb berry suun! Fankees furr sharrin dem wiff uz. *schmooo*

  2. SuburbanPrairie says:

    Fantabyooluss pixors ub teh boiz, mai Leej! Ohai, guize! *skrichskrichskrich* *snorglolsnorglolsnorglol* Adn *schmoooooooz* fur mai deer frend!!!1! {{{{{MJ}}}}}

  3. Chris and Melissa Sturm says:

    They are just so darned adorable!

  4. ABikerToo says:

    Topper izz beemynndeun mee ub mai Moonzie adn Bud izz awlsoe beemyndun mee ub Motorface (cute face & a LOUD purr) mai Keows form deh laeyut sebbeun teez adn froo deh aiteez!!
    {{{{{cween wyff heurr kyoot Keows inna pyxxrz}}}}}

  5. poussinboi says:

    Awwwwwwsome ! 😀

  6. gunnersmama says:

    Duz ai deteckting the buhhen kikk ub deff dere in the 4rd wun daon awn the leff?

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