Making a Basket

I went to my basket class the other day, and I remembered to take my camera. So here are a few pics of the basket making process.   Our teacher, Angie, cuts the bamboo stakes (the uprights) to the right size ahead of time for us, as well as providing instruction.

This basket has feet!   Isn’t it cute??

If you were wondering why there are quilts on the walls in the background, it is because Angie works for my niece who owns a quilt shop.

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2 Responses to Making a Basket

  1. This is a very beautiful basket my Qween! I love the legs and the details on the side too. This must have been a fun class, you are very talented!

    • cweenmj says:

      Our teacher is very good! She makes sure our baskets are nice and tightly woven. She fixes any mistakes we make and keeps us all on track. 😀

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