Mind Experiment, Week 1

I guess if you are going to do a mind experiment, you have to have a mind.

My weight this week has varied from 235.0 to 238.0 and today’s number is 237.4.  Not exactly an encouraging start.  I have noticed that I am eating smaller portions.  But I don’t get a feeling of nausea from eating more than a few bites.

I have listened to the trance CD a couple more times, with roughly the same reaction as the first time.  No feeling of a trance at all.



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  1. SuburbanPrairie says:

    I don’t know that I’ve ever been able to achieve a trance state, but… I’ve found that a cool, dark, absolutely quiet environment is necessary for me to concentrate on mantra-type CDs. Is it possible for you to create such an atmosphere for yourself?

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