Sunday Update

We have rain. It is pouring at the moment. It has been coming and going for the last hour or so.

The wind is only up to 14 mph so far. We have a little anemometer in the back yard. It will spin for a few minutes, then stop, then spin. Right now the readout in the house says “2”

Still predicted to have high winds from 8 pm tonight to 5 am tomorrow.  Irma has turned and is headed north.  The path keeps changing from just to the east of us to just to the west of us.  Either way, we will get plenty of wind and rain from now through tomorrow.

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  1. bayshang says:

    *halpz teh cween batten down some hatches*
    Can you get some pictures or videos for posterity? It may be tough to accomplish at night, but it would still be worth seeing. Capturing some audio would be fascinating, too.
    I am so glad your house and neighborhood were well-designed for just this sort of occurance.

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