Car Dreams — A modern Fairy Tale that Happens to be True

Once upon a time, late 1990 to be exact, a little car was born in Japan. It was a two-seater Honda called a CRX Si. The Si meant it was a sporty model with a strong engine, fat sports tires, and a sporty sun roof, too. It was painted a lovely greeny-blue shade called Tahitian Green Pearl. After the Tahitian Geen Pearl Honda CRX Si rolled off the assembly line, it was loaded onto a big ship and sailed away from Japan.

While it sailed, the other cars poked fun at it. “No one will buy you,” a sedan said. “You’re too little. You can only carry two people. I can carry six people.”

“That’s ok,” the CRX said. “I can go fast. Someone will want a little car that can go fast.”

A bright red car said, “What a funny color you are. You’re not green, you’re not blue. No one wants a car that’s funny colored like that.”

“I’m Tahitian Green Pearl,” the CRX said proudly. “Someone will want a pearly green car that can go fast.” And as they sailed he dreamed of his new home with an owner who would love a fast little car. He dreamed of living with handsome young man who loved to drive fast. He dreamed of racing up and down the highway, climbing mountains and crossing rivers.

Finally the ship docked in Houston, Texas and all the cars were unloaded. The Tahitian Green Pearl Honda CRX was put on a truck and carried to Tulsa, Oklahoma. There it sat on a car lot and waited for someone to come and buy it. Many people came to the dealer and looked at all the cars. Some bought sedans, some bought compacts, some bought vans, but none of them bought the Tahitian Green Pearl CRX Si even though it could go fast.

Then one day in January, 1991 a worker loaded the CRX onto another truck. He said someone in Oklahoma City wanted a Tahitian Green Pearl CRX Si and this was the only one within 500 miles!! All the way to Oklahoma City the little CRX dreamed of the fun he would have speeding across the land.

When he got to Oklahoma City, the CRX found out he had been bought by Miss MJ, a middle aged lady. The little CRX Si was happy to have a home. But he didn’t get to race up and down the highway. He drove Miss MJ five miles to work every morning, and five miles home again every evening. On weekends he helped her run errands. It was not the life the CRX had dreamed of, but he didn’t complain. He ran quietly and reliably for years, over 140,000 miles. Sometimes they would go on vacation, and the CRX would get to live his dream for a few days. They would climb mountains and cross rivers. And when they went to Montana there was no speed limit, so Miss MJ let the little CRX run as fast as he could down the highway.

Finally, in 2006, Miss MJ retired and no longer needed a little car to take her back and forth to work. She sold the little Tahitian Green Pearl CRX Si to Mr. Bill. Mr. Bill had wanted a CRX for years. He was so happy to have the little car. But one day, Mr. Bill noticed that the CRX wasn’t running like it should. He took it to a repair shop and was told that the CRX had a broken motor mount that had allowed the engine and transmission to drop enough to ruin both of them. The men at the repair shop recommended a new motor and transmission. Mr. Bill was disappointed that the poor little car needed so much work. One of the mechanics offered to buy it however, to rebuild into a race car. So Mr. Bill sold the little Tahitian Green Pearl CRX Si.

The mechanic worked hard on the CRX and gave it a powerful new motor so it could run very fast. And now the little Tahitian Green Pearl CRX Si runs races and gets to go just as fast as it can. The little CRX is so happy, it’s lifelong dream has finally come true.

The End

With special thanks to Mr. Bill for telling me about my car’s new life.


3 Responses to Car Dreams — A modern Fairy Tale that Happens to be True

  1. midnightsdeer says:

    Dis bery gud storee! Ai lieks et lots! GO little Tahitian Green Pearl CRX Si!

  2. ladymonde says:

    Oooh, ai liekz dat kulur. vroom vroom!

  3. honeycakerabbit says:

    Ohai! I sooo lub this story. It almost gives me teh leeky eyes ;)! Fanku foar telling teh storee awf teh prowd and confident li’l Honda! It’s tellin’ me to keep goin’ foar mah dreem! {{{cweenmj}}}

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