Cat Poems

Cats in Repose

I have three cats who like to repose
And when they do, they like to doze.
Now, there are cats who put on shows–
Artfully dancing on their toes
Or running through new-fallen snows.

But while other cats leap
Mine only sleep
All flopped in a heap
Not making a peep.

Sometimes they gaze with vacant eyes
Out the window at the skies
Then fall asleep with gentle sighs.

These cats of mine, all in repose
Softly snoring while they doze
Dream of sunbeams all in rows
And butterflies and bright rainbows
And cans of tuna, I suppose.

And, these are  refrigerator magnet poems …

soft black cat
curious and warm
bold cunning pounce
on bird or on lap
yarn across post
always my friend.


Cool whisker almost hair
quiet little feet
hunt mice at night
sleek grace
sweet purr
a place to sleep


watching mouse
mischevious chase
gift to who would
love the cat

— 🙂 mj