How to write a poem


Actually, this is a twofer.
Two for the price of one!
Not bad, since you didn’t even pay for one!!!

How to Write a Poem

You have set to me a task,
How to write a poem, you ask.
It really isn’t very hard
You don’t have to be a bard.
First you have to have a thought,
(This can be harder than it ought.)

A cactus grows in the sand.

Then you turn it round about,
Upside down and inside out.

In the sand a cactus grows.
Thriving in the desert is the cactus.

Find a rhythm, look for a rhyme,
Don’t rush it now, take your time.

Drawing life from the sand, the cactus grows.
In its shadow stand two crows.

After you have found your pace,
Let your mind wander around in space.

The horizon shimmers in the heat.
A blazing sun shines in the desert sky.
A classic pose with arms upraised.

Don’t give in, or admit defeat,
Pull it together nice and neat.
You’ve got a couplet, a stanza or two.
You’ve written a poem! Hooray for you!

Desert Sentinel

The desert bakes a fragile seed;
A place to grow its only need.
A patch of shade, a drop of dew
The only solace that it knew.

The seasons come, the decades go,
The saguaro rises, oh, so slow.
A century passes, it rises high
Reaching up to touch the sky.
Drawing life from the barren sands
The cactus like a statue stands;
Arms upraised, a classic pose;
In its shadow stand two crows.