Warning:  if you are looking for a little ray of sunshine, you won’t find it here today.  😦  Check back later for 🙂

Last Saturday was my little brother John’s birthday.  He would have been 53 if cancer hadn’t taken him from us two years ago.  He was smart and witty and kind and loving and generous.  I miss him.  If, like me, you have lost someone  — spouse, parent, sibling, child, whoever your special someone was — this is for you.


Silence deafens
Like raging thunder.

Darkness blinds
Like blazing sunlight on fresh snow.

Being Alone is
Like falling into quicksand, unable to break free.

Being Lost is
Like walking through a forest in the fog.

The Pain of your death is
Like a thousand knives piercing my skin.

You have left me in Pain, Lost and Alone
In a Dark and Silent world.