The Nite Watchman

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7 Responses to The Nite Watchman

  1. JCH4K says:

    well, Now my eyes are leaking bigtime! But isn’t there one missing one with Sparky’s mom? I need to find that one!
    But thanks, cweenmj! These are just . . .beyond wonderful!

  2. uniquekitty & plasticat (Jill &Stephen) says:

    Thank you, cweenmj! There are no words to show my gratitude for including my wonderful Max in such a lovely story. It is hard to read through my blurry eyes (sniff) bu it so easy to see the images as I read your words – you are very gifted! Thank you,thank you, thank you!

  3. cweenmj says:

    It wuz mai plezure. I just rite wut i seeing.
    {{{{uniquekitty & Plasticat}}} {{{JCH4K}}}

  4. plasticat says:

    Haz yew eber thot of posting tis story on a short story website liek

  5. dat storee….is bery beautimous…….*snif* nao ai has teh leeky-eyez…..

  6. tidmum says:

    Oh Cweenmj!! I has always loved your writings and stories. I has a puddle awn the keyboard now, after reading again, of the Nite Watchman and himz lub and caer for ebreewun.
    I knows taht one day I will hab teh privilige of meeting him in person.

  7. *sniff* ai think maybee teh furst wun IZ teh wun ai wuz rememburing.
    An izn’t waht tidmum said nice? an ai hav reel leekee aiez again!! But ai do it ebreetaim ai reed it. 😉 An a smyol, too!

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