Apr 1, ’07 OKC


We’ve been BUSY!

Richard had to have several tests, ultrasounds, etc. So we had to stay in OKC a week longer than we had planned on, running between three doctors and the hospital.
And, wouldn’t you know, there just happened to be an RV show at the fairgrounds.  We liked our little Trek, but we realized we really needed a bigger home.  And we were amazed to find a motorhome that really appealed to us.  So many have stuff we don’t want and floorplans that just aren’t livable.  Long story short, we bought a Winnebago Voyage 38J.  We spent two days moving our stuff out of the Trek and into the Voyage.
Then we went to see Richard’s sister in Texas for a few days.  The first turn we made into the wind, the awning caught the wind and inflated like a balloon.   We pulled over and fought unsuccessfully with it for several minutes. The wind was blowing about 40 mph and it was all we could do to keep it from ripping off the coach.  Then a kind stranger pulled over to help us.  He didn’t have any better luck corralling it, but he wasn’t suffering brain freeze like we were.  He suggested that we go a mile down the road to an overpass that would block the wind.  We limped down the highway to the overpass with the awning popping and cracking against the roof of the RV.  With the wind blocked, it was a piece of cake to get the awning rolled back up.  Then we drove back to the dealer’s lot and one of the mechanics unrolled it, installed an awning strap (the original one must have gotten blown out and is probably somewhere in Kansas) and tensioned the awning so it won’t unroll whenever it wants to anymore.  Then we were off to Texas again.   We had a good visit with Linda and Cliff.

On our trip back to OKC it rained a good deal.  And we found out the windshield wipers turn on, but they don’t turn off.  So we have an appointment with the service department to get that looked into, along with a couple other minor issues.

We are back in OKC now.  For those of you who are here, we are at the Council Road RV park at Council Road and I-40.  Stop by and see us sometime.  You can call us at 405-250-5473 first to see if we are home.  On Monday we should get a firm date from the urologist’s office for Richard to have minor surgery.  They are trying to get him in on Thursday, April 5th.  Then he will need a week or two to recuperate before we head down the road again.
Keep smiling,  🙂
mj and Richard