Aug 11, ’07 Leaving Maine


I posted two more albums at . One is the lobster boats at the town dock. They were pulling them up out of the water and cleaning the undersides. Then spraying them with chlorine to keep the growth of barnacles and such down. Helps the boats move more easily and faster through the water. The other is pictures I took walking down the road from the campground.

Here’s something to do with all those pictures I uploaded:

This is a free download. It doesn’t have a lot of free puzzles for you to play with, they want you to pay to play. But you can Create an unlimited number of puzzles using your own pictures. You can download the pictures I posted and make puzzles out of them. I like the flower pictures for puzzles the best. The puzzle program lets you change the background color, set the number of pieces and several other options. Not bad for a freebie!We will be leaving Maine tomorrow and heading for the Finger Lakes of New York.

See you there!

mj & Richard