Aug 17, ’07 Le Roy, NY


We took a cruise on the Erie Canal!!

We stopped at a lighthouse at Thirty Mile Point on the shore of Lake Ontario on our way home and I posted some pictures of that, too. pictures at

We are camped at Le Roy, New York. It is southeast of Rochester just off I-90. The campground is at the former Frost Ridge Ski Resort. They say that the Olympic skiers used to train here; but it is kind of hard to believe because I used to toboggan down hills bigger than these. The weather here has been cool and mild in the mornings with pounding thunderstorms in the late afternoons.

The countryside is gently rolling farmland, much like the Midwest. After the forests in Canada and New England that crowded in so close to the roads that they nearly swallowed them up, it seems very open here. In addition to the corn and bean and hay fields, there are cabbage fields and apple orchards. There are farm produce stands all along the highways filled with all kinds of freshly picked fruit, berries and vegetables.

Yesterday we had fresh corn on the cob for supper; that was all, just the corn! It was so sweet and juicy. Yum. Tonight we had boiled new potatoes, with green beans and steamed summer squash. And I made a blueberry buckle with fresh peaches instead of blueberries. (I made two blueberry buckles while we were in Maine.) Served hot with ice cream, it can’t be beat.

I just had another birthday, which means we have been on the road for a year. It sure doesn’t seem like a whole year. It has been so much fun. We are really enjoying retirement. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings.