Feb 9,’08

Well, we moved again this past week. We left Apache Junction on Wednesday morning and were glad to be getting out of the city. We can only stand so much civilization before we are ready to get back out into the boonies. We are now up near Congress at an Escapes RV park called North Ranch. It has lots of snowbirds, of course. But it is so much nicer than the “old folks home” atmosphere so prevalent in Apache Junction. We drove on out to the gold camp at Stanton in the Jeep and looked around, but that camp is still full. So we will just stay here a while. We aren’t too sure how long we will hang out here. A few weeks for sure, maybe longer.

We picked up a nail in one of the Jeep’s tires on our expedition to Stanton Wed evening. When we got up Thursday, one of our neighbors had put a note on our door telling us we had a flat. So Richard got to change the tire as his morning chore. :-S

Pictures for you at http://picasaweb.google.com/campory57104

Of course, you know we couldn’t leave the city without another trip to the Organ Stop Pizza parlor. I took my camera (with its new and fully charged battery) and got a handful of shots of the glorious Wurlitzur.

I also added a few pictures to the 01 08 misc album that I took around the RV park in Apache Junction. Mostly pansies in my flower pot and one of our neighbors pots. And a couple shots of Superstition Mountain.

Well, I gotta go take my shower and get ready for another exciting day. 😉