Jan 29, ’07 Why, Az

It’s not a question; Why, Arizona is a little town just north of the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. 🙂

We drove here Saturday from Apache Junction. The weather here is nice and warm and sunny during the day. Chilly at night, but not bad. In Stanton, the wind blew down the valley rocking the camper every night; we were getting tired of it. No wind here, so we are happy about that. We are camped at an RV park located behind a convenience store/casino. This is a very nice little campground with gravelled roads and sites. Each site has a concrete patio, and water, electric and sewer hookups. We joined my brother Steve, wife Cheryl and their friends Larry and Ruth here.

Yesterday we replaced our water pump. It had decided it needed to run all the time and wouldn’t let us turn it off. When we looked at it to decide what brand to get as a replacement, we saw that it had a sticker on it where someone had written “Tests Good”. The only reason to write that on it is if someone was having problems with it and it got tested. I guess it had been returned to the factory and put in our motorhome after it was checked!! I’m not real happy about having returned merchandise installed on our “new” vehicle.

After getting our new water pump going, we celebrated by inviting Steve, Cheryl, Ruth and Larry for a wine tasting party. We had several bottles of wine that we had bought at wineries we toured while on vacation a year or three ago. We weren’t sure they had survived the summer in the camper in Oklahoma. We were pleasantly surprised to find two bottles with very tasty wine in them. One bottle got sampled and poured on the ground–it was really sour! But we enjoyed the others and fired up our bubble machine. Retirement is grand! The six of us sitting in the sun, sipping our wine and watching bubbles float through the air, sparkling in the breeze!

Today all of us went down to Organ Pipe Nat’l Monument. Took a short (10 minute) hike with a volunteer who told us about the various types of cactus and other flora. Then we drove around looking at cactus, and we had a picnic lunch. The organ pipe cactus are limited to this part of Arizona and parts of Mexico. The Saguaro cactus are found throughout the southwest. We saw three types of cholla cactus, creosote bushes (yes, they smell like creosote) mesquite and a type of mistletoe that has long, skinny leaves as an adaptation to the desert.

All for now,

mj & Richard