May 26, ’07 Canada

Getting into Canada was not as easy as we expected. We spent an hour going through customs. We had left Richard’s guns at Mom & Dads so we wouldn’t have any problems with Canadian custums. They don’t want you bringing in firearms, more than $10,000 (Canadian), or large amounts of tobacco or alcohol. They pull motorhomes over to one side so they can go through all the compartments. I expected them to peruse our belongings. But their questions, and the fact that three of them went through the compartments repeatedly and then they brought a dog over to sniff everything was rediculous. The agent ran the dog through the Jeep twice!

We told them up front that we had left Richard’s guns behind. And that we only had about $100 dollars cash, no tobacco, and less than a 12-pack of beer. They asked each of us more than once how much currency we had. When I told the gal that we had less than $100, she asked how we were going to buy things. I said, “With a credit card.” She asked what was in our safe and I said, “Papers.” then she asked , “Currency.” I said, “No, papers. Insurance papers, diplomas, birth certificates, military discharge papers, loan papers, just papers.” And then I opened the safe and lo and behold, it contained . . . . . . . PAPERS. They wanted to know why we had a metal detector. And they asked why we had gold panning equipment. I guess they haven’t heard of hobbies. They wanted to know why we had a tomato plant and a pot with radishes in the Jeep. We like fresh tomatos and radishes. Is that so strange?

Oh, well. They finally let us in, since all we had were papers, credit cards, a shovel on our Jeep hood, some fresh veggies, a metal detector and a couple of gold pans!

We are hoping the rest of our time in Canada we meet nicer people.

mj & Richard