May 8, ’07 Oklahoma

At last! Richard has the all clear from his doctor and the parts for our motorhome are in and we have an appointment at the dealers service department at 9:00am tomorrow (Wed). We plan on heading out of Oklahoma as soon as they finish working on it. Hopefully that will be in the morning, but even if it is in the afternoon, we will leave here. We will head to Minnesota to visit Mom and Dad. We’d like to be there by Mother’s Day. Haven’t seen Mom on Mother’s Day for years.

We had only planned to be here for a week or two. But between Doctors and the new motorhome, we ended up spending nearly two months here. The good side is that we got to spend some time getting to know grandson Shane. He is such a delightful miniature boy. He is only one year old and too small to even be called a “little” boy. “Little” boys are 3 or 4 years old. And he doesn’t look like a baby any more. So I think of him as a minature boy. He is very clever, and has a sunny disposition. I got to babysit him a couple of times while Mommy and Daddy went out to see movies and eat all by themselves. It was a treat for me as much as for them.

And we got to make a quick run to Texas to visit Richard’s sister. They are happily retired from their business in Las Vegas and living at a lake in a gorgeous house.

But we have been here more than long enough. We are ready to hit the road again.

See ya down the road,
mj & Richard