Oct 17, ’07 Illinois

Hi Everyone,

I suppose you are wondering where we are and what we are up to. Well, right now we are in a little town called Mahomet, Illinois, just outside of Champaign. We spent a couple weeks in western Pa, and a week in Ohio. Just hanging out.

We were hoping for some lovely fall color, but the warm weather has not been helping. Most of the trees are still green, and the ones that are turning are just turning a muddy yellow. A few of the maples are a gloriously brilliant orange, though. One morning while drinking his first cup of coffee, Richard saw a flock of wild turkeys strolling through our campground in Pa. When he told me, I grabbed my camera and went out in my pjs to shoot them. They were going up a hill, and it was slippery going in my clogs with the morning dew. Glad we didn’t have a lot of neighbors to watch me. 🙂

I took a couple of drives through the countryside with my camera looking for some scenic beauty and managed to find a couple of good shots. I spotted a couple of llamas in Pennsylvania, and a covered bridge and a ferry. In Ohio, I found the George Rogers Clark County Park at the site of the Battle of Piqua. (In addition to being a Revolutionary War hero, George Rogers Clark was an older brother of William Clark, of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.) The park was nice and quiet with a fishing pond, picnic areas and trails through the woods.

The fall days are quiet, and I wander down narrow, winding roads with the sunlight dappled by the trees. The blue jays call and the woodpeckers rap on the trees. The walnuts rattle through the branches as they fall to the ground. I watch the squirrels busy on the forest floor and scampering up the trees. Life is good. It is so good, I have a poem for you.

*                                Butterflies

*                  The Butterflies
*                                                  are dancing
*                              Through the crisp
*                                                                    fall air.
*                              See them
*                                              Soaring
*                 in the Sunlight

*                                         Twinkling on their way
*                    Like Jewels
*                                                        in the Sky
*                                                               Sailing toward
*                                             the corner
*                                   of Tomorrow.


mj and Richard