Monday Noon

The rain is long gone.  We have power/water/internet/phone/tv.  All the mod cons.  We have lots of little tree bits in the back yard.   But all the trees are upright.  We are missing a couple of shingle tabs, but the roof is intact.  We aren’t sure if the tree branch in the pond is from our tree or a neighbor’s tree — we’re just happy it didn’t land on our roof and poke a hole through.   All in all, we are in fine shape.


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Monday, 2 am

The worst seems to have passed us.  still quite windy, but the rain is over for now.   We still have power and running water, cable, internet and phone. Life is good.

I’m going to bed.  Will check outside when daylight comes.

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Sunday Update

We have rain. It is pouring at the moment. It has been coming and going for the last hour or so.

The wind is only up to 14 mph so far. We have a little anemometer in the back yard. It will spin for a few minutes, then stop, then spin. Right now the readout in the house says “2”

Still predicted to have high winds from 8 pm tonight to 5 am tomorrow.  Irma has turned and is headed north.  The path keeps changing from just to the east of us to just to the west of us.  Either way, we will get plenty of wind and rain from now through tomorrow.

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Saturday Update

Irma’s eye is now projected to pass to the west of us.  Our projected high winds will be around 79 mph from 10 pm to 6 am Sunday night to Monday morning.  Our rainfall is forecast to be around 15 inches.  We have had rainfalls similar to that before with other storms without any problems.

Of course, all this can change at any time.

This morning we gathered up all the loose items from our yard and put them in the garage.

Right now we have a light breeze of 4 mph and bright sunshine.

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Irma is on her Way to Visit

No, we aren’t leaving.  We live 40 miles inland, so flooding is not an issue.

We have got enough food and water for a week.  Our power lines are underground, and we have a gas stove, so we shouldn’t have issues with electric and cooking.   We have batteries in stock and chargers charged; lots of flashlights and lanterns, in case the power does go out. And we have both a gas grill and a charcoal grill.

Our house is cinder block construction with hurricane strapping to hold the roof on.  We feel quite safe.  Our forecast is for winds of 20 to 60 mph and about 6 inches of rain.   We have been through weather here just as bad with other storms that didn’t get near as much national attention.

Here is a link to a map of the wind that you can zoom, rotate, etc.,26.12,3000





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